AGORA' - design Ludovica+Roberto Palomba
The Zucchetti.Kos Group presents its new Agorà collection for the first time.

AGORA’ includes both taps (by Zucchetti) and bathtub and washbasins (by Kos) featuring classic shapes and tastes.
The tub and basins are elegant sculpted to look at. The timeless style of a classic design blends with new-gen materials. The taps combine the appeal of tradition with practical new options.

Agorà achieves the perfect equilibrium between past and present.
A “rediscovered” project reworked by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba. Classic in its inspiration, eclectic in its expression. A tradition that continues through innovation.

Ludovica+Roberto Palomba_designer: “Agorà is a rediscovered project. Designed in the thirties and then forgotten in the rush of modernity that took place in Italy after the war.
Discovering the old drawings in the archives and reworking them, keeping their original skin as a wrapping for today’s technologies was like learning through study.
Viewed without complexes and seen through the eyes of curiosity and humility, our past opens up a vision of eternal, truly important values. We looked backwards in order to look ahead with even more awareness.

Elena Zucchetti, CEO of the Zucchetti.Kos Group: “We wanted to restyle products in our more classical collections, after having made way in recent years for very innovative, design-oriented articles. One of our Group’s strong points is in fact a very wide diversified range for maximum satisfaction of the taste of all kinds of consumers, while always guaranteeing top quality. We have achieved this by retracing our history.
For further information or to request high resolution pictures please contact us at info@evds.it or press@zucchettidesign.it