Zucchetti.Kos e Poli.Design, a great synergy to link research, profession and production.

Zucchetti. Kos promoted the High Standard Training Course “Outdoor Experience Design” organized by Poli. Design during Summer 2011.

This course is part of the “Design Experience” wider educational program, which is aimed at the evolution of scenery and new spaces, organized by Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano for architects, engineers and designers who desire to deepen a particular project field.

For Zucchetti. Kos, the decision to focus attention on a “world” apparently far from the usual bathroom, has been induced by the will to approach a field that today is quickly evolving. The separation between outside and inside is progressively reducing, and terraces, verandas and gardens become extensions of inner spaces in a space-time continuity to be lived in a fluid way.
Actually more and more often they host new functions compared to the traditional ones, thus becoming multipurpose spaces in dialogue with the interior design, in tune with new lifestyles.

Some Zucchetti.Kos products can find therefore a new outdoor placing where sophisticated wellness areas can be created by mixing innovative products and design, new aesthetic and functional languages.

Under the scientific direction of Prof. Arturo dell'Acqua Bellavitis,  the teaching staff includes personalities of Politecnico di Milano who will be in charge of developing design topics related to planning and furniture, and a selected number of experts who will focus on entrepreneurial, technical and sociological topics, for a wide-ranging and complete professional approach on the outdoor.

At the end of the course four work groups – composed by a mix of architects, engineers, designers, landscape designers and botanists – have presented four project works where the Outdoor is transformed by design and new lifestyles: it becomes wellness, green in greenery, tasting and sensorial experience or urban garden shop. The project work required the virtual transformation of the outdoor space of the Innvillà place, in Milan, San Siro district. A real area of 1350 square meters, where the garden has a regular rectangular shape, with two road access on two adjacent road sides and is developed around the main building. All work groups have chosen the development of a project for public use.


The Projects